X-Message-Number: 1
From: Kevin Q. Brown
Subject: administrivia
Date: 24 Jul 1988

The cryonics mailing list has now officially started.  Send in cryonics-related
comments, questions, pointers, news, etc., that you want distributed on the
mailing list.  More importantly, ask yourself:
   "What do I want to get out of the cryonics mailing list?"
If you don't see what you want, ask for it!  Some of you may be most
interested in ascertaining the technical feasibility of cryonics.  Others may
be more keenly focused on learning about the existing cryonics organizations.
Some may be just curious.  I am already a signed-up suspension member and my
priorities may differ somewhat from yours.  I have three main goals for the
cryonics mailing list:
  (1) spreading the cryonics meme (not only to speed the advance of cryonics
      but also for the adventure in being part of a fundamental change in our
  (2) keeping informed on topics relevant to cryonics, and
  (3) helping to build the network of people interested in achieving extremely
      long life through technological means.
I will post summaries of cryonics-related periodicals that I receive and any
other news that seems appropriate.  (For example, a recent article on the
biochemical mechanisms of memory and descriptions of the three major cryonics
organizations.)  But this mailing list isn't just a newsletter for me to send
out to everyone.  To be useful it should address whatever cryonics-related
topics are of most interest and concern to YOU.  And the only way to ensure
that is for you to participate.  Hope to hear from you soon!

                                       - Kevin Q. Brown


For your reference, here is (again) how the mailing list will operate:

The way this mailing list will work is that when you want to post something
(related to cryonics) to the list you send mail to me with the word CRYONICS
(in capital letters) in the subject field (or somehow indicate to me in the
body of your message that you want it sent to the mailing list).  Then I will
blast it out to everyone on the list.  (The message that I send out will still
include your message's header information so that people can reply directly to
you rather than have to go through me.)

The topics of your messages should somehow relate to cryonics.  Possible
topics include:
    nanotechnology (cell repair machines),
    cryogenics (in particular, vitrification),
    biochemistry (of memory),
    medicine (hypothermic),
    law (wills, legal status of cryonically suspended people),
    philosophy (of identity),
    social/organizational psychology (how to build long-lasting organizations)
plus new research, publications, current (mass media) cryonics-related news,
conferences, local cryonics group meetings, etc.  In short, if it's a topic
appropriate for one of the several cryonics-related periodicals or books
then it's probably a topic of interest to the cryonics mailing list.

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