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Subject: Baboon freeze
Date: Wed, 21 Jun 2000 11:23:24 +0200

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Pardon my ignorance but why wasn't the baboon in the below article frozen
for say, one year as opposed to only 55 minutes?


Dani Kollin
Berkeley, California, May 29 1992. BioTime Inc. has, for the first time,
successfully revived a baboon following a procedure in which the animal's
deep body temperature was lowered to near-freezing and its blood was
replaced with BioTime's patent-pending blood- substitute solution.

The animal was anesthetized, immersed in ice and cooled to below 2 degrees
Celsius, using the BioTime solution with cardiopulmonary bypass procedures.
After being bloodless and below 10 degrees Centigrade for 55 minutes, the
animal was rewarmed and revived. The baboon is presently under study by
BioTime scientists to determine any long-term physical effects.

The company intends to conduct further experiments on primates, using its
blood-substitute solutions.


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