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Date: Tue, 26 Dec 2000 15:04:08 -0700
From: Fred Chamberlain <>
Subject: First Alcor Neuro-Vitrification Procedure; December, 2000

Date:    12/26/2000
From:    Fred Chamberlain
To:      CryoNet
Re:      Alcor Neuro-Vitrification Procedure In December, 2000

On the morning of 12/9/2000, a Member of the Alcor Life Extension
Foundation in
Palm Springs, California experienced irreversible cardiac arrest, after a
overnight episode of pneumonia.  Alcor had previously performed two standbys
for this member, supported by the member's family, once for a heart valve
replacement nearly four years before, and more recently for a stroke in which
the member was not expected to even survive the intial examination.  In the
most recent case, the family did not call for a standby, and could not be
contacted at all until after death was pronounced.  The member was in his
and until recently had regularly played golf.  He had been signed up with
for many years.

The options were limited, in that the patient (as a whole-body) could not be
removed from California without paperwork required by Riverside County, which
as of Saturday Morning would have required a delay of two days.  (Such
procedures vary from county to county, state to state).  Instead, removal from
Palm Springs with cooling was effected within a few hours by a mortuary
to the Los Angeles area.  Even before that, calls by an Alcor Physician
prompted the administration of heparin.  Cooling was started far more promptly
than in the recently reported case of FM-2030; by comparison, initial
conditions were much better.

Neuroseparation was carried out by contract consultants from a research
company, who had been on alert in a particular high-risk Alcor Member's case
since mid-summer, and thus had special motivations for participation.  The
patient's cephalon became an anatomically donated organ and was able to be
transported to Arizona immediately while the remains, legally constituting the
deceased person, remained in Californina for cremation.

[I am sorry that I cannot publicly credit these consultants or name their
company, or disclose concerning the high risk case mentioned, but privacy
considerations, of the professionals and their corporations as well as the
patient, necessitate this.  If Alcor Members or those actively in the signup
process have additional questions, I encourage them to contact Alcor at
480-905-1906 and speak with Jennifer Chapman (Membership Administrator) or
Linda Chamberlain (Executive Director).  If they can't answer your
questions to
your satisfaction, I'll be happy to speak with you.]

Alcor, through a support contract with BioTransport, Inc., has had access to
cryovitrification procedures since 6/29/2000, licensed to BioTransport by 21st
Century Medicine, Inc. (21CM).  That technology was described in presentations
at Alcor's Asilomar Conference last June, and has more recently been reported
in the current (Fourth Quarter, 2000) issue of Cryonics.  Also, in the last
months Alcor has compared cooldown media to develop even more rapid
applications of cryovitrification than had been earlier held to be adequate by

Although the fixures, the perfusion circuitry and even the surgical procedures
are still under development, the best advice we had was that application of
these vitrification techniques offered the highest chance for avoidance of ice
crystal damage in the patient's brain.  These methods were used.  It is not
appropriate to confirm that this patient was vitrified, because that will
a series of trials with appropriate sized and structured cephalons.  However,
based on the temperature cooldown data that was obtained, and based on the
materials used and the cryoprotective  concentrations reached during
and based on burhole observations of the surface of the brain, the
are that very few ice crystals will have formed, and that by standards we are
using a few years from now, this patient will qualify as Alcor's first

More details will appear in future issues of Cryonics Magazine, as with the
FM-2030 article, where a summary precedes a more detailed exposition.  For the
present,  This brief recap of the 12/9/2000 suspension may help answer
questions which have arisen via rumor.  We ask that those who seriously want a
confirmed evaluation be patient, while Alcor fully evaluates the suspension. 
At this time, it appears nearly certain that a second neurovitrification will
take place before the end of the year.  Correlating data from that procedure
could help Alcor more fully evaluate this new approach, and gain confidence
that it represents the best that can be done for Alcor Members.

Fred Chamberlain, President/CEO () 
Alcor Life Extension Foundation 
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