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Subject:  SoCal Cryonics LifePact Meeting & Potluck - Saturday, May 19th
Date: Sun, 29 Apr 2001 22:27:04 -0700

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Dear Fellow Alcorians,

On Saturday, May 19th we will have two events:

1) At 3pm sharp - A LifePact video taping session (details below) - Signed
up members only, please.

2) From 5pm to about 8pm - A Potluck Supper/ Social - Open to anyone
interested in cryonics.

Both meetings are at the home of Dave Kekich:
1533 Via Leon, Palos Verdes Estates   --   Tel: 310-265-8644

Yahoo map link

1) The LifePact meeting will begin at 3:00 pm sharp for the purpose of
videotaping those members who wish to record statements expressing their
desire to be suspended.  At our last meeting, we agreed to limit the first
video recording to simply stating our decision to be cryonically suspended.
This videotape could be useful in the future if there is a legal challenge
and/or family dispute regarding our wishes.
Attached you will find a Word document that gives excellent suggestions on
the format and process for this (and a more comprehensive) video archive.
Thanks to Alcor for sending me this document.
Natasha Vita-More has kindly offered to lend her camera for this occasion.
However I want to request that other members attending this meeting bring
their video cameras if they own one.  Everyone who wants to participate in
the video recording should also bring a blank VHS tape.
2) At 5:00 pm we will have a Potluck Supper. Bring whatever you want
(whether it extends life, or not!) Good food and conversation. Meet old
friends, and make some new ones.
Please share this invitation with any cryonicists you know in the Southern
California area - we may not have everyone on our email list!
Hope to see you May 19th!

Please RSVP:	 <mailto:>   or (310)

P.S.  Thanks to Bobby June for scanning the LifePact document.  I have
corrected the resulting errors in the document from the scanning process,
but there still may be some left.

www.optimal.org - Any and all feedback welcome: 

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