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From: "Joseph W. Morgan" <>
Subject: Memory Retention
Date: Sat, 2 Jun 2001 10:06:57 -0700

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If someone is placed in cryostasis  what will he remember upon reanimation?  
Everything or total amnesia?  "Where am I?" is a good question.  "Who am I?" is 

Using an analogy between a human brain and a computer, how much of our memory, 
knowledge, and personality are in volatile RAM and how much is in permanent 
storage like a hard drive?  Does the complete cessation of electrochemical 
activity in the brain wipe it of memory like the RAM in a computer is wiped 
clean on shut-down?  Or is there some form of permanent storage?

I am aware that people have been revived after cessation of heartbeat and 
breathing. But  has anyone ever been cold-booted, that is revived after complete
cessation of brain activity?  Maybe someone more knowledgeable in brain 
physiology can answer this question.  Or maybe no one can.

Joseph W. Morgan


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