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Date: Sat, 02 Jun 2001 12:09:07 -0700
From: Olaf Henny <>
Subject: Questions to Mike Perry and Louis Epstein: 
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Questions to Mike Perry and Louis Epstein:

First to Louis:
A former client of mine who had been diagnosed with Alzheimer s
was quoted to me by a mutual friend: "For all intents and
purposes my life is over"  -   Two years later he was dead.

Would you, Louis consider ending your life, while you are still
in control of your faculties, in order to be cryo-preserved with
a slim chance to live thousands of years with sound mind and
body instead of watching your mind fading out with ever
dimming awarenes?  This question is of course rhetorical, since
by the present state of research, it appears likely, that Alzheimer's
will at least be controllable, before the chances of revival
after cryonic suspension become significant.
I just want to point out, that there may be circumstances under
which ending life by present criteria, may lead to an extended

And to Mike:
Forgive me if this is too personal, but does anybody in this
sawdust dry atmosphere of Cryonet ever consider *SEX*.
I am unabashed to state, that to me it is one of the greatest
pleasures in life and one of the primary reasons to enjoy and
extend life.  For that I need a biological body with a healthy
endocrine system and the sensuous feel of touch on my skin.  I
cannot consider a solely cerebral existence in a computer or
artificial body as equivalent to the life I have now.  Yes I have
heard of direct stimulation of the pleasure centres of the brain
etc., but I have yet find any ersatz product, which equals the
original, be it whipped topping, saccharin/cyclamate, fake fur or
fake leather.

PS:  Okay, I admit, that a nanotech assembled diamond will
probably outshine a "found" one.  :)

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