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Date: Sun, 3 Jun 2001 19:40:37 EDT
Subject: Installment #3


My intentions regarding my first post (no doubt appearing first on the 
Cryonet today) was for it to have been the *last post* for yesterday's 
"edition."  I missed the posting deadline by several seconds.  Bummer.  It 
was to have only had "cameo footnote positioning" due to its off-topic 
nature, rather than "lead story positioning" for today.

Regarding my planned set of experiments (with previous "reporting posts" for 
Cryonet entitled "LN2 Trip and Back this Summer?") to investigate passive 
pressure techniques as an aid towards potentially reversible suspended 
animation in lower life forms, I have decided to postpone any actual work on 
this project until I do some additional research and until I free up my 
liquid nitrogen dewar.  However, "Installment #3" can be considered to be the 
following URL:


I am not sure I would recommend reading it as it takes some time to figure 
out exactly want was done due to some ambiguities in the authors' explanation 
of the experiment's protocol and findings.  This is probably partly due to 
language translational issues.  It is completely decipherable though, and its 
revelations are not thoroughly encouraging.  However, this may not actually 
be bad new for several reasons, and it does provide some assistance.  I will 
be looking into the issue more later on. Eventually--on a "dedicated URL of 
mine--I will post reprints of my previous Cryonet posts on the subject 
including the text of the above-cited URL (and my analysis of its 
implications on my planned experiments).  I may post short summaries on 
Cryonet from time to time but will mainly point to the address of the 
dedicated URL for the "full story" (i.e., a more complete accounting) for 
those who may be interested.

I got my 110 liter Forma Scientific Liquid Nitrogen Dewar from Duke 
University Surplus for $300.  It was nonfunctional and had been 
"decommissioned."  The same model sells new for several thousand dollars.  
The lab and the manufacturer were very helpful but were very skeptical that 
it could be revitalized economically due to several potential problems, some 
of which are not repairable.  I got lucky.  I replaced a faulty vacuum valve 
at a friend's machine shop and my much beloved parrot has been in it for over 
a year.  I plan to transport him to CI in a few months for safe keeping and 
then will be able to use the dewar for experimentation.


David C. Johnson, Raleigh, NC

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