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Date: Sun, 03 Jun 2001 14:46:33 -0400
From: James Swayze <>
Subject: SEX and the Single Uploaded Entity--R-Rated

St. Benedict, the guy that started the celibate monk thing and famous for
good wine, died and went to heaven. St. Pete says, "The boss wants to see
you right away". Benny says, "Ok, right through here?". Pete says, "HURRY
UP!". Standing before the boss ole Benny feels immensely proud of himself.
He's called to see the boss the very minute he arrives, "wow I really musta
done good" Benny muses. Then with a rumble of thunder and crack of
lightening "The Boss" says sternly, "I SAID CELE-BRATE!!".

Poor St. Benny, look at all the fun he and his ilk missed out on. I am
thoroughly opposed to celibate lifestyles. Mike, I love you buddy, but
please, GET LAID! ;) Your neglecting that aspect of life may be wrongly
tainting your views on uploading. I'll be the first to defend a persons
right to chose such a lifestyle but it's far too cerebral for me. Perhaps
this is because I am celibate myself right now. Forced celibacy and IT

Twenty one years ago last May 22nd I broke my damn fool neck. Oh sure I had
been active before then, it was the seventies after all. But it was largely
unsatisfying as a string of many one-night-stands tends to be. Before I had
a chance to get wise I broke my damn fool neck! Yes, I've had sex since the
injury, I can still achieve erection but I don't feel it. I can please well
enough, I'm an uncommonly cunning linguist--if you get my drift--and I am
not knocking that part of it but the entire experience together sure is
lacking and unfavorable circumstances haven't led for the last 11 years to
any encounters anyway. So, I intend one day to make up for it all big time!

When I was a christian I used to ask often, "Will there be sex in heaven?".
I most often got authoritative responses assuring me that due to the passage
"the former things are past", that surely something far better or pure
cerebral enlightenment would replace the base and animalistic sexual
behavior of mere mortals. I stayed unconvinced. Here's to being ANIMALS!!

To me there is nothing enlightened about going totally cerebral and giving
up on sex. I know many eastern religions tend to fob this point of view off
on followers but to me it's merely a control device. You can be cerebral and
still enjoy one of the greatest delights humans have ever evolved, the
ability to engage in sex simply for pleasure. Sex it's self is enlightening!
It is not a lower state of being and should not be excluded for more
cerebral so called "enlightened" pursuits.

So why am I ranting here on cryonet? It's because my unique experience, I
believe, can offer yet more unique information especially for issues
regarding uploading and imitated sexual experiences. I mentioned that due to
my neck break and resultant paralysis, I cannot feel the sexual
experience--I cannot orgasm either. Regarding questions of uploading and
imitating the experience one may have the notion that stimulation of the
brain directly to elicit Dopamine release would suffice to reproduce the
sexual orgasm response. Not so! If this were so then taking cocaine, which
also stimulates Dopamine release, would do as well to create an orgasm. I
have experienced cocaine both clinically and illicitly and I can tell you it
does nothing for me. This is both before injury and after. I never liked the
experience  and so discontinued any experimentation with it and it sure as
hell did not cause pleasure enough to equal or even come remotely close to

When someone says orgasm or even sex is "all in the brain/mind" I
scoff--they haven't been me. The same goes for mind only uploading. I
believe there is a mistaken impression that stimulus at the peripheral locus
is only felt when it arrives at the the brain. I feel this is very wrong.
The reason is, if sex were only in the mind, I should be able to experience
virtual orgasm in my dreams. I do not! I can lucid dream and direct the
course of some dreams and try as I might I cannot experience orgasm in
directed or non directed dreams. I am just as sensory deficit in dreams as I
am in consciousness. Orgasm will not occur again for me until the spine is
reconnected. The brain needs the body for full experience of emotion to
occur. We will need skin to feel the emotion of the hair raising on the
backs of our necks. Well need toes to curl when it's just oh-so-good! I am
very skeptical emotions can ever be imitated mechanically or electronically.
I am all for enhancing the biological and in fact I have a cybernetic device
within me already and will be first in line for more enhancements but some
things may need to stay biological. However, I'll keep an open mind about it

James Swayze
From the point of ignition
To the final drive
The point of the journey
is not to arrive --RUSH<--the Rock Band

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