X-Message-Number: 16438
Date: Mon, 04 Jun 2001 20:25:45 -0500
From: david pizer <>
Subject: One chance only

Only one chance - this is it. 

The thing that is so special about working to promote biological
immortality is not only that this project, when completed, will have been
the most important thing that humans have ever done in the history of
humanity.  But what makes biological immortality so very unique is that
there isn't any other project imaginable, outside of advancing a divine
purpose - if one exists,  that will ever be as important as it is/was.  So
this is your one and only chance to work on the most important thing that
can ever be done.  Once humanity has biological immortality, all other
projects you might become a part of, if you are still around, take a back

The very first thing to be done for one who wants to be a part of this
unique project is to get personally signed up, at this time.  Only then,
should you go out and try to help others.  You should not be taken
seriously as a supporter of biological immortality, if you are not at least
signed up for cryonics suspension.  I would also think it was acting
irresponsibly if someone was advocating biological immortality and was not,
at the very least, signed up for suspension, since often actions are
counted more than words.

David Pizer

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