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Date: Tue, 05 Jun 2001 22:26:31 -0400
From: Don Phillips <>
Subject: Re: CryoNet #16419 - #16432
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Dear Ksenia,
     I am replying in the open because I am not alone in wondering why you
are desperate for  LN2.
The people that frequent this site are a different kind of citizen. Trust
me. They will want to know too. I work part time in a school where they use
it in the physics labs. The big cheese in that department says they use it
for experiments in fluid dynamics, acoustics, electromagnetism, and some
quantum physics. We have a cyclotron at our main campus and they use it
there too. 
     If you need it yesterday, go to a university in the UK (make sure it
does graduate research) and just tell them what you told us. Maybe they
will give you some. It is not expensive and costs about two dollars a liter
here. Forget shipping it from here. However, you can probably get it in
Germany if you take D Marks instead of Euros. How you get it home is on
you. My guess is that you are going to look suspicious any way you do it.
Why, I don't know because it seems pretty harmless. Having said this, I am
not a chemist and you may hear from others who know more about this than I
do. Please tell us why you want it.
Good luck,
Don Phillips

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