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Date: Tue, 05 Jun 2001 23:51:59 -0700
From: Olaf Henny <>
Subject: Brain, Interfacing, 1000 Terabytes and Sex
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>Message #16420
>From: "Jan Coetzee" <>
>Subject: Our brains store oxygen
>Date: Mon, 4 Jun 2001 10:17:28 -0400
>This subject of Brain and oxygen...

This reminds me of an off-topic subject, which I considered
discussing on this forum for some time now.  Trying to get back
into some physical shape, I have bicycled a lot about a year ago
(130 km [80 mi] 2 to 4x/week) and after an accident started
hiking.  In both instances I have noticed, that after   to one
hour of exertion my capability for doing simple arithmetic in my
head decreased substantially, such as calculating travel speed/
hr from time used to travel to a certain point of known distance.
Calculations, which come easily, when resting are even difficult,
while  hiking briskly uphill.  I assume, that the increased
oxygen demand in the muscles diminish the supply to the brain.
The question is: Should I be concerned?

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 Eivind Berge <> wrote:

>Subject: Re: Cryonet #16417
>Mike Perry wrote:
>> Personally, I live a celibate lifestyle and sex is not so important.  But I
>> support the right to choose here as elsewhere.

>I hope that cryonics will
>provide a second chance in which I can fare better, and don't want to wake up
>only to find that women have been supplanted by asexual non-human beings.


"...will eventually force me to change into something motivated
by something
entirely different than sex. But first I want to live, as a
human, for a long
time. *I* just want to get laid."

Furthermore James Swayze <> wrote:
"Poor St. Benny, look at all the fun he and his ilk missed out
on. I am
thoroughly opposed to celibate lifestyles. Mike, I love you
buddy, but
please, GET LAID! ;) Your neglecting that aspect of life may be
tainting your views on uploading. I'll be the first to defend a
right to chose such a lifestyle but it's far too cerebral for me.
this is because I am celibate myself right now. Forced celibacy
and IT

I find it very gratifying, that there is finally somebody
speaking up on Cryonet who is not just "brains  n bones", but
also flesh and blood. :)

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Date: Mon, 4 Jun 2001 22:12:48 +0000 ()
From: Louis Epstein <>

>Someone,I think on Cryonet,said there were ways
>theoretically designed to place a terabyte-RAM
>computer in the size of a grain of salt.While
>emphatically uninterested in seeking that as a
>new body type,and completely disbelieving that
>my identity could be validly possessed by such
>an object,I wonder what potential they could
>have as data-compressed brain enhancements....
>could there be usable interfaces?

I did indeed say something like that awhile back.  This was based
on an estimate by Ralph Merkle, that with mature molecular
positioning capabilities we could build a computer with one MB
memory complete with power supply and circuitry in the space of
one cubic micron.  That would make it 10^15 bytes or *1000*
terabytes in a cubic mm or the equivalent of a grain of salt.

The Aussi sniffer contains a switch of  1.5 nm  i.e. assuming
that the 1.5 nm holds true in all three dimensions, you could
stick almost 300 million of them into a cubic micron.  Of course
no circuitry and no power supply.  But it shows how close we
already are in achieving some of the dimensions required for our
grain size super computer.

As far as interfacing is concerned, I have alluded to a TV report
in Cryonet #11162.

 To Rafi Haftka:

>Thomas Donaldson made a good point that one should disassociate the
>question of identity from the question of duplication. Instead of the
>destruction of the first self that he proposes, I think that there is also
>a chance of a slow migration to a different medium. In particular, I expect
>that the migration to non protoplasm memory may not be that far off. Here
>are the steps that I see in my crystal ball (murky as it is).
>1. Computers that can communicate directly with our brains through
>electrical impulses. These will probably be developed first for severely
>handicapped people.

This is already happening in real life, although on a more
palatable level
for us humans :): Human brains can directly communicate with
There was a report on TV about 6 months ago, about NASA
experiments in this
field, where a lady through thought processes alone by way of
attached to strategic parts of her scull, communicated with
directing them to simulate a landing of an aircraft on a screen
in front of
her.  What made this experiment especially significant in my mind
was, that
this lady did not direct the image on the screen, but the
movement of heavy
equipment equivalent of the mechanisms involved in landing a
aircraft.  It was the movement of that gear, which resulted in
(successful) outcome of the virtual landing. 

Actually, according to the report, she directed strictly through
mental process the computer, which moved the heavy machinery
mock-up as required to land a large aircraft.

So to Louis:
Like it or not, if this augmentation was available to me, I would
take it.  The direct access to such an enormous knowledge base,
completely under my control, would give me colossal power by
today s standards.

To Mike:
With the above augmentation, who needs uploading?  Ongoing or
repeated nanotech repair will keep my body in its ideal physical
condition indefinitely and in its SEXUAL PRIME :)

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