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Date: Wed, 06 Jun 2001 17:17:26 -0400
From: James Swayze <>
Subject: All in the brain? Hmmm what about...
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Mike Perry wrote:

> >Mike Perry wrote:
> >

> > > Personally, I live a celibate lifestyle and sex is not so important.  But 
> > > support the right to choose here as elsewhere.
> >
> >But if everybody chooses to transcend as you envision, my right to choose
> >being a normal man with a normal sex life is meaningless.
> Well, I suppose you could create a partner for yourself; that ought to be
> possible, though you might have to wait till space is available or move off
> planet...

Huh? Mike, dear friend, please elaborate what you mean here. Space available? 
Where? Move off planet to
be able to have a sex partner? I'm confused.

> >From: James Swayze <>
> >Subject: SEX and the Single Uploaded Entity--R-Rated
> >
> >St. Benedict, the guy that started the celibate monk thing and famous for
> >good wine, died and went to heaven. St. Pete says, ...sternly, "I SAID
> (Actually, ol' Benny didn't start the celibate monk thing, it goes back
> BCE, but I get your point. However, people like him and me *are*
> celebrating in our own way.)

I know Mike, but most people can relate to St. Benedict and it adds color. It's 
probably impossible to

know who actually started it but imagine how colorless and meaningless to the 
wider audience my joke
would be if it went, "Some guy from BCE went to heaven..." ;)

> >Poor St. Benny, look at all the fun he and his ilk missed out on. I am
> >thoroughly opposed to celibate lifestyles. Mike, I love you buddy, but
> >please, GET LAID! ;)
> Well, James, I appreciate your sentiments, and also I do feel for you in
> your own immense frustration and general state of being different than
> you'd like to be, but you have to realize, I just don't see it the way you
> and most others do.

Are you saying that should you be reanimated one future day with a new and body,
vigorous, youthful,

healthy, fertile and for sake of argument genetically enhanced for beauty and 
attractiveness (just

stacking the deck here for argument sake-not suggesting it would be necessary) 
and then along comes a

sweet looking extropian gal that says she's just gotta have you--you will turn 
her down? And let's add

to this scenario that uploading is not yet an option. In fact I believe 
reanimation from cryonic

suspension will be possible long before uploading will be. There's just too much
complication to the

issue of what exactly needs to be included in an upload to constitute true 
representation of a complete

individual. I feel nanotech will be able to tackle the also complicated issues 
of rebuilding individual

cells of the body and the brain before we'll know how to correctly upload 
anyone. This is because in

many cases it might not be necessary to know the actual function and related 
functionality of all cells

in order to repair them. Taken individually they merely need to made to be again
like any representative

sample to that type of cell. Sure I'm being simplistic but I think you get what 
I mean. Would you really
turn her down?

> Also, though it may be nit-picking, I think the orgasm
> is really felt in the brain, and the fact that you haven't been feeling it
> is due to lack of stimulation in the right areas rather than the nerve
> locus itself being somewhere else. (Somebody more knowledgeable about the
> brain may wish to comment.)

I still disagree for the following reason and I too welcome some more expert 
advice. What about night

emissions? Ok , the proverbial "Wet dream". External stimulus needed or all in 
the mind? I wish like
hell it was as simple as all in the mind. I really really do!

Louis said,

> >(The things that really matter matter because
> >they can never change.Ultimate truth exists
> >completely independent of belief in it.I have
> >no appreciation for subjectivism).

Then Mike said,

> I am not a relativist either.

For clarification, what's a relativist? Someone that believes the Theory Of 
Relativity? That doesn't
seem to be the topic here. Pardon my ignorance please.

From the point of ignition
To the final drive
The point of the journey
is not to arrive --RUSH

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