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Date: Thu, 07 Jun 2001 05:32:13 -0700
From: American Cryonics Society <>
Subject: SEX and the Single Uploaded Entity--R-Rated

Who says uploaders have to give up sex? Sex, like all other experiences,
ultimately is just logic signals passed among neurons. Yes, there is
feedback from other areas of the body, but it all ends up as neuron
signals. Uploaders posit that all these signals can be duplicated in a
sufficiently sophisticated computer. Further, the computer will provide a
satisfactory simulated environment. This would include a simulated body
with functional sex organs, if desired. In an uploaded environment,
especially a solitary one, there is no reason not to give the uploaded
inhabitant wide control over the simulated environment.

So sex after uploading is likely to be better than anything available or
even physically possible, in the "real" world. Want to have great sex with
your favorite movie stars? Want to orgasm every 5 minutes 24/7? Why not?
Want a harem of millions? Just wish for it. You ARE God with a universe all
your own, in complete control of everything and all the (simulated)

Better to ask, "How you gonna keep 'em in the real world, after they've
seen uploading?"
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