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Date: Thu, 07 Jun 2001 10:13:26 -0700
From: Max More <>
Subject: Extropians, sexuality, and space

>Eivind Berge wrote:
>Life as I know it consists of playing the zero-sum game of competing with
>other men over women. Now I am very, very bad at it: most of my life has
>been exclusively sexual frustration; but this is the world I prefer, I am
>only not satisfied with my ability to manipulate it to get what I want. I
>hope that cryonics will provide a second chance in which I can fare better,
>and don't want to wake up only to find that women have been supplanted by
>asexual non-human beings.This is why I am not an extropian. I have no desire
>to explore the universe (there are no women out there)..,

I found the above thoroughly puzzling. Just a couple of points: First, 
extropians in general are *not* anti-sex. We are pro-self-sculpting. For 
some that may mean eventually becoming asexual. For others, it will mean 
enhancing sexuality, or modulating it. In the further future, sexuality may 
no longer be a biochemical matter, but evolve into something at least as 
exciting but more exotic. Many extropians look forward to this.

Second, you say: "I have no desire to explore the universe (there are no 
women out there)..," Actually there are no *men* out there either 
(excluding the tiny number of male and female astronauts). Are you assuming 
that only men will go into space? That seems unrealistic to me. 
Furthermore, we may spend far more time in virtual reality than in 
physical, primate bodies in space. Virtual bodies and virtual experiences 
could greatly enhance the opportunities for sexual richness.

There is no "party line" on sexuality for extropians. You are harboring a 
misconception. To get a clearer understanding of extropian thinking, please 
see The Extropian Principles:



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