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From: "Robert Moore" <>
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Subject: OFF TOPIC:  Mental math while excercising
Date: Thu, 7 Jun 2001 10:26:28 -0700

> This reminds me of an off-topic subject, which I considered
>discussing on this forum for some time now.  Trying to get back
>into some physical shape, I have bicycled a lot about a year ago
>(130 km [80 mi] 2 to 4x/week) and after an accident started
<hiking.  In both instances I have noticed, that after   to one
>hour of exertion my capability for doing simple arithmetic in my
>head decreased substantially, such as calculating travel speed/
>hr from time used to travel to a certain point of known distance.
>Calculations, which come easily, when resting are even difficult,
>while  hiking briskly uphill.  I assume, that the increased
>oxygen demand in the muscles diminish the supply to the brain.
>The question is: Should I be concerned?

I have noticed the same thing but always assumed that it was a matter of
focus.  The few times that I have been able to concetrate on hard mental
math problem while jogging I have almost fallen on my face and had to break
off thinkning about the problem.  When I stop, I can easily do the problem.

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