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Date: Fri, 08 Jun 2001 16:40:39 -0500
From: Ken Wolfe <>
Subject: Cryonics Society of Canada
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Something of interest to Canadians on the forum:

The Cryonics Society of Canada (CSC) is a Canadian non-profit
corporation. We are primarily dedicated to informing Canadians
about cryonics, and to raising consciousness about cryonics in
this country among journalists and legislators. We also provide
a forum for Canadians who wish to discuss cryonics related
issues and problems.

Cryonics is the science of cryopreservation of human patients
who are beyond the help of modern medicine. The goal is to
preserve the patient's body and identity until such time as
technology is developed which can revive them to life and
health. It is motivated by the desire to extend human longevity
beyond its current limits.

Currently all the organizations which actually conduct human
cryopreservation operate in the United States. The CSC has no
facilities for performing cryopreservation or for maintaining
patients in cryopreservation. We currently have no ambitions for
providing such service. However, we are looking towards
providing infrastructure for prompt local response for Canadian
patients with the need and desire for cryopreservation.

Anyone interested in cryonics in Canada is welcome to join our
on-line forum/mailing list where you can ask questions or
participate in discussions. To subscribe to our mailing list, go
to the following web site and select the "Join" option:


For any questions or concerns about the list, please contact Ken
Wolfe at 

For further information on CSC and cryonics in general, see the
CSC web site maintained by Ben Best at:


Ken Wolfe
Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada


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