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Subject: Re: regarding help and assitence. Australian case part 9.
Date: Sat, 9 Jun 2001 13:14:25 +0200

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  From: elizabeth kostadinova. 
  Sent: Saturday, June 09, 2001 9:59 AM
  Subject: regarding help and assitence.

  what is the nano technogy to keep one alive,
  what way is this and how is it aplied,.
  please contact,
  elizabeth kostadinova.
  elizabeth kostadinova 

  Preliminary answer:

  To Elizabeth Kostadinova.
  You seem to be determined to have your father frozen,
  but your knowledge of cryonics seems to be somewhat limited.

  Thus a few words of warning:

  1. Be forwarned that no human being has so far been brought back alive from 
  being frozen.

  Nor is there anyone today that know how to freeze and bring back alive, live 
  human beings.

  The task of bringing back alive death human beings is even greather, and even 
  more of a long shot.

  2. Cryonic storage is quite expensive. Even if you found someone willing to do
  it for you, it would easily cost from $30,000 and up to several hundred 
  thousand dollars.

  And all you are guaranteed, is that your money will be consumed.

  3. Cloning of dead tissue is presently not possible.

  And no one can guarantee you that it will ever become possible. An educated 
  guess is that it will become possible, but that is no guarantee.

  4. Cloning of humans from live human tissue is presently forbidden in many 
  countries. The process is apparently patented and might not be made available 
  legally for cloning human beings.

  That is not to say thay you might not find someone willing to do it illegally,
  but that might be expensive.

  Besides you will have to find out if live blood and cell samples have been 
  preserved. Since your father has already been dead for quite some time you 
  won't find any live cells on his body.

  5.If you still insist upon going ahead with your attempt to have your father 
  frozen, I suggest you take a few hours to subscribe to and read up on the 
  cryonet letter circle,

  then you will get a better understanding of what can of worms you are getting 
  yourself into.

  You will also get a lot of input both warnings and other useful advice from 
  others that have been in your situation or have watched others being there.

  6.To better enable other cryonisists to assist you, you will have to provide 
  more information re: your fathers name, age, what he died from, when he died, 
  how he was treated before and after death, when he was burried, how he was 
  burried, where he is burried, whether or not he was embalmed etc. of 
  importance would alse be the temperature now where he is in Australia.

  You will also have to provide information as to what you can afford and is 
  willing to pay.

  Maybe all you can afford is to preserve some of the blood samples already 
  stored at the hospital?

  Or maybe you can afford to have the body exhumed and stored at some 

  But until you let us know more about your situation, we (the cryonists reading
  the cryonet) can't as easily come up with a solution that it becomes 
  possible, and affordable to implement.


  Trygve Bauge


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