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Date: Sat, 9 Jun 2001 07:25:28 EDT
Subject: Re: Show me God

Louis Epstein said:

<< But there has to be an answer to
 "why are there laws of physics?" that
 isn't just a ducking of the question.
 I call that answer God.

I am a nihilist, so my answer is the global Universe
is merly emptyness. The negative energy potential
of gravitational field cancel any positive mass-energy.
Even the zero point energy of empty space seems
canceled by a negative energy cosmological constant.
Everything we see is a transient effect produced by the
finite age of our portion of the Universe, that is to say,
we are near a black hole horizon in cosmological term.

Physical laws come from some very simple principles:
Energy conservation, second law of thermodynamics...
All can be traced back to the near horizon effect.

Black Magic ( computed logical systems on a reversible
computing device, for example a quantum computer) evade
these constrains. It is horizon blind and that is why it can
cheat any physical law.

There is no law, no first causal principle, nothing. Now if you
want a God, I can build one :

Our "Universe", as bounded by electromagnetism goes from
1.6 x 10^-33 cm, the so called Planck length(Pl) and 10^-43
Planck time (Pt) to cosmological scale and time near 16 
billions ligth years. A system bounded by electromagnetic
forces, with group symetry U(1) may at most convert 1/137th
of its rest mass into energy, this define the so called alpha fine
structure constant. 

Think of the symetry U(1) x U(1), it is not more complex that
going from 1=1 to 1x1=1 with numbers. The E.M. force breaks
at a scale exp(1/alpha), that is near 10^59. You can think of a first
EM field with speed limit c 10^59 time slower than our. The unit
of space , the Planck length would then be some 10^38 ly, the Pt
would be 9. 10^97 years. and any sensible time duration would be
in excess of 10^120 to 140 years. This is near eternity for our
Universe. So, now you know where to search for God at least...

That could be the basis for the religious part in venturism...

Yvan Bozzonetti.

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