X-Message-Number: 16497
Date: Sat, 9 Jun 2001 07:25:30 EDT
Subject: Re: horny, lonelyheart cryonicists...

 >Eivind Berge wrote:
 >Life as I know it consists of playing the zero-sum game of competing with 
 >other men over women. Now I am very, very bad at it: most of my life has 
 >been exclusively sexual frustration; but this is the world I prefer, I am 
 >only not satisfied with my ability to manipulate it to get what I want 
>John Grigg wrote:
>I know what you mean!  I am in the same position in my mind.  I did not 
>inherit my father's classic good looks or my grandfather's intellect to have 
>the life I wanted.

Are you interested only in having childrends? If not, expand your scope.
You are looking for females? Why not from other species? Don't
tell me about christian morality (I have no religion and no morality).

One century ago, one of the greathest physicist in history had foud a 
solution with pigeons. He was  with one of its flying girl friend
for 14 years. Nearly no cost, no AIDS risk, only some avian lices...

Yvan Bozzonetti.

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