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Date: Sat, 9 Jun 2001 08:07:38 -0700 (PDT)
From: Scott Badger <>
Subject: Another self-indulgent post

First of all, many thanks for all public and private
condolances. For some reason, a prvious message I sent
cryonet did not show up. I'll include some of it here.


Dave Pizer wrote:

"I think the residents of VentureVille can fill a 
philosophical void that exists now about biological
immortalism.  Once we have a place where like-minded
people can *be* together for mutual support, I hope we
will develop a technique to bring large amounts of
persons to the biological immortality movement."

My recent experience has led me to suspect that one of
several reasons why cryonics is so hard to market is
because many people aren't sifficiently scared of
death. We as a society have divorced ourselves from
the horror of death by having the sick and elderly
removed from our homes and placed into institutions
where we pay others to care for them and watch them
die. Death has become too abstract to many of us. That
makes it easier to deny the terror of its eventuality.

Now what cryonics really needs is a snappy theme song.
Maybe we could borrow a popular tune. How about this


When you re feeling weak 
And you re almost dead
Who ya gonna call?

You can freeze your body
Or maybe just your head
Who ya gonna call?

I ain t 'fraid of no death
I ain t 'fraid of no death

When your lungs won t work
And your numbers up
Who ya gonna call?

Keep their number near
You might wake back up
Who ya gonna call?


Can't you see the cryo-team storming into a hospital
with their their backpacks filled with coolants and
their matching grey Deathbuster uniforms, each with a
shoulder patch with a ban sign over a picture of the
grim reaper? Any other lyrical suggestions? (please
don't take offense anyone!)


I'm including in my "favorite quotes" collection the

"Names are noises and say nothing about choices and
philosophy." - Thomas Donaldson

Good one. Thanks, Tom.


Played with an anagram generator and got these:






J. Soreff asked:

>My question to everyone _other_ than Mr. Epstein is:
>Does anyone on this list other than him find his
>arguments for essentially prohibiting bodily
>modifications persuasive?
>Any of them?
>                           Best wishes,
>                           -Jeffrey Soreff

Not I!


Best wishes to all and thanks again,

Scott Badger

"Vita Perpetuem"

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