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Subject: Venture Cup, a ventureplan writing competition with high monetary 
Date: Mon, 2 Jul 2001 12:23:41 +0200

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For the last few years several European countries like Switzerland, Germany, 
Sweden and Norway have had competitions called The Venture Cup.

Here individuals and business teams compete as to who can write the best venture
plan for setting up a new venture.

We have had such competitons here in Norway for the last 2 years,
organized and sponsored by our universities and a few big companies.

There will be a 2 stage competition next spring as well, most likely with 
deadlines at the end of February and the end of April.

The winner gets about USD 21,000 and the ten runners up get something less.

All participants get a chance to meet with the main Norwegian investment 
There are also free weekly lectures in how to start your own venture.

I am planning to write a 30 page venture plan for how to set up a bio bank, 
actually more a cryobank, first in a rented facility and later in its own 
partially terrain integrated fire, storm, earthquake and nuclear war proof  
terrain integrated cryonic storage facility.

I am mentioning this, in case anyone else would like to be part of the business 
and participate in the competition.

We will have to do some market research, create a budget with 5 year projections

I am in particular looking for a cryobiologist, or a forensic medical 

or any student of cryo biology. But am open to include anyone interested in 
being part of such a team.

Of course anyone of any nationality is free to participate with their own 
ventures as well.

Most Norwegian participants turn in venture plans written in English, so the 
language would be no barrier for foreigners that want to participate. This year 
there were about 60 participating teams at the final stage of the competiton.

The web address is www.venturecup.com  click on "Norge", then on "gaa videre"
then click on the British flag to get the English version of the Website

or try:



Trygve Bauge

Ps. Cryonisists around the world might consider participating in similar 
entrepreneurship competitions around the world, so to improve their own skills 
in setting up and running cryonic related ventures.


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