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Date: Fri, 18 Jan 2002 00:33:47 EST
Subject: Atlanta Area Alcorians Stand United Against Death

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Hello, Fellow Cryoneters,
As an added service and value to my friends and cryonics clients, it has been 
suggested that I make geographical ALCORIANS aware of each other.  
While everyone agrees this is a good idea, there is currently no way of 
knowing if your next door neighbor or the scientist in the next cubicle over 
is a fellow cryonicist.  This is especially unfortunate because we NEED LOCAL 
SUPPORT and INFRASTRUCTURE to make cryonics WORK! That is why, with 
individual permission granted, I reproduce the following:

Hi Atlanta based folks!  I have gotten some feedback from some of you to 
correct phone numbers and add emails.  Here they are.

Here are some Atlanta based Alcorians, great folks all!

(And Rudi Hoffman clients, which makes em even better.)

Randall Bollig 770-522-0767   

Brian and Sabine Atkins 404-347-9864 (I can't find email, but you can go to 
Singularity Institute on search engine, or siai.com)

Anthony Francis 404-483-8215  Just spoke with tonite, great guy.

Terri Jondahl 770-965-3187 (note correction) Often she is at the office until 

7 or 8 PM.  Her direct line is 770-965-8181.  A very bright and successful 
lady.  Her business is involved with electric wind generators.

Tolen May 770-947-0988     Tolen works with Atlanta Convention 
and Visitors Bureau, in IT.  He hopes to make CryoFeast in Orlando.

Mark Shewmaker 770-454-6774    Mark has provided several 
referrals who have signed up, another reason to like him.

Lionel Vogt 770-992-2463    Lionel is an engineer, working 

on a design for cryonic cooling of heads.  He is going to be in Orlando on 
Feb. 10.

Hope this helps, dear friends.  Someone needs to take some initiative and 
contact your fellow cryonauts up in Atlanta area.  Each of you has indicated 
to me a desire to know local Alcorians.  There is probably a bunch more, and 
ALCOR is developing mechanisms to enable local geographical contact with your 

fellows.  (Although right now this proceedure is NONEXISTENT:( ).

Look forward to seeing at least some of you soon.

Warmly and Professionally Yours,

Rudi Hoffman
Member Financial Planner's Association, Certified Planner
Member ALCOR Life Extension Foundation
Member Libertarian Party    
Member National Rifle Association
Member Extropy Foundation
Board Member Port Orange Chamber of Commerce
Board Member Daytona Salvation Army


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