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Date: Mon, 23 Sep 2002 00:24:20 -0400
From: "Stephen W. Bridge" <>
Subject: Re: Woody Allen, Liz Taylor & Michael Jackson signed up for

From Steve Bridge
Former President of Alcor Life Extension Foundation

In Message #20128,  in response to a question from Iggy, John deRivaz

>This story is probably an elaboration originating from these facts:
>1. Woody Allen made one of the first films about cryonics, the comedy
>"Sleeper" and he also has the same sort of attitude to death as many
>cryonicists, eg
>"Most people are content to live on in their works. I would prefer to live
>on in my apartment."
>2. Michael Jackson once visited the Alcor facility in Riverside,
>alongside Elisabeth Taylor and Muhammad Ali.

Of course, we cannot talk about which people may be privately signed up
with Alcor.  We can only talk about people who are publicly members. 
However, I should point out the the correct language in #2 above should be
that Michael Jackson, Elizabeth Taylor, and Muhammad Ali *are rumored to
have visited the Alcor facility [when it was] in Riverside, California."

The only place this was ever reported was in the *National Enquirer*, an
American tablod gossip sheet of dubious reputation (although they often
start with reasonable information before going off on their wild flights of
fancy).  Calling this a "fact" stretches the definition of "fact" far
beyond any reasonable use.

John also mentions that the article included stills from *Forever Young*, a
wretched, big budget cryonics film only memorable for audience members'
reactions to Mel Gibson's naked backside.  I urge CryoNet readers in search
of a movie about cryonics to seek out the charming and more thoughtful
small romantic comedy, *Late for Dinner*, which had the benefit of an
interesting script and some consultation from Alcor.  

Steve Bridge

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