X-Message-Number: 24132
Date: Sat, 22 May 2004 15:01:16 -0400
From: "Kevin Q. Brown" <>
Subject: Unposting from the CryoNet Queue

In message #24120 Kennita Watson () suggested:
> I think it would be easy to recognize a subject line that is just
> "Re: CryoNet #xxxxx - #yyyyy" and bounce it back to the sender
> for a subject-line change, rather than bothering the rest of
> the list with rating it "poor subject line" (duh!) and/or with
> reading a digest that has poor subject lines.

Something like that may help.  First, though, I want to provide a
more general-purpose tool.  Since messages posted to CryoNet may
possess any of a multitude of deficiencies (mangled or missing text,
HTML rather than ASCII formatting, attachments truncated by the
CryoNet software, poor subject lines, etc.) I just implemented a
web-based tool for deleting any of your own (but not anyone else's)
postings in the CryoNet queue:


You won't need to remember that URL to use it.  Just start at
the main CryoNet page http://www.cryonet.org/ and click on the
link for the CryoNet queue.  That page now includes a
hyperlink "Unpost Your Msg" that runs "delq.cgi".

To ensure that you delete only your own posting(s), the
"delq.cgi" script uses your "Rater Code" to identify which
ones you sent.  If you do not have a "Rater Code", then
you can click on the "Get Rater Code" link to create one.
(Yes, the terminology is a little confusing, since your
"Rater Code" now is being used to delete your own posting
rather than rate someone else's.)  If your browser already
has stored your "Rater Code" in a cookie, then "delq.cgi"
will use that.  Otherwise, it will ask you to enter your
"Rater Code".  Finally, when you select which of your
postings to delete and click "Submit", it will delete
your selected posting.

The "delq.cgi" script works only while your posting is in the
CryoNet Queue.  Once the queue has been cleared for the next
CryoNet digest mailing, the "delq.cgi" script no longer can
delete it.  Nevertheless, that should give plenty of opportunity
to double-check your CryoNet posting in the queue at:
and, if you find something wrong with it, use:
to delete it and then post a corrected version.

Note: This "unposting" capability would not have been possible
without the "Rater Code" mechanism created for the CryoNet message
rating system.  As I pointed out in message #23971, "one overbuilt
tool can dovetail nicely with another to create unanticipated new
and interesting services."  This is an example of that.

    Kevin Q. Brown

PS: Many years ago CryoNet supported an email-based "CRYOKILL"
    command for deleting all one's postings currently in the
    CryoNet Queue.  It was rarely used, had an unappealing name,
    and was hard to remember when one needed it.  The handy
    "Unpost Your Msg" hyperlink provided by "dspq.cgi" should
    make this new "delq.cgi" tool much more useful.

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