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Date: Wed, 11 May 2005 18:40:43 -0400
From: Randolfe Wicker <>
Subject: Greenland Burial Plots?

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In 26150, Ben Best said:"I have received forwarding of mail from Rev Daniel Izzo
of the
 "Cryonic Life Insurance Company" who wants to sell ice burial plots
 in Thule, Greenland as "natural cryonics".  This guy is as crazy as
 they come -- probably the way cryonicists appears to many people." <

I think someone promoting "natural cryonics" could actually be beneficial to the
cryonics movement in general.

Being buried in Greenland, "a poor man's cryonics", would help promote the idea 
that one's body lasts longer at lower temperatures.  This is a kind of "home 
remedy" answer to real science.

Of course, once anyone begins researching the subject, it becomes obvious that 
"colder is better".  That leads to serious scientific cryonics.

I can see a "big debate" developing if people did start buying burial plots in 
Greenland (or another artic region) because they thought the slower (or less) 
they decayed, the greater chance they would have of coming back.

Would locals get up in arms to put an end to it or would they decide to cash in 
like some local folks did regarding "Frozen Grandpa Day"?

I think the issue of preservation of the body through low temperatures needs to 
be raised frequently and repeatedly.  Sure, this idea is simplistic.  But it 
raises the issue that is central to cryonics.  Only by getting the discussion 
going are we going to change attitudes.

Doesn't the publicity surrounding "Frozen Grandpa" generally help us?  A big 
controversy in Greenland might be helpful as well.

Randolfe H. Wicker
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