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From: "Gina Miller" <>
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Subject: Dermal display
Date: Sat, 24 Sep 2005 16:36:55 -0700

Rudi Hoffman wrote:
"Congratulations to Gina Miller and Robert Freitas on a really intriguing  
piece of film.  The graphic shows the back of a hand in photorealistic  
On the back of this person's hand (her name is Virginia, the display is  

personalized and user friendly) is a display, similar to a display on a high end
cell phone or PDA.  
This display shows the status of her blood, lungs, organs, etc.  Of  course, 
it could be used to show virtually anything.  
You could monitor the weather channel and watch hurricane Rita on your  hand, 
while stuck in the Houston airport!  Now THAT would be progress! 
Anyway, great work, Gina and Bob and collaborators.  Having a vision  of the 
technological enhancements that will be developing in nanotech is  exciting 
motivation and driver for continued research and development.

Rudi Hoffman"

Thank you Rudi for your kind words. 

Regarding the weather, in my future I envision that technological advance could 
provide us with weather control... there for eliminating the disastrous results.
Somewhere on one of these computers I had started an animation of the weather 
changing in such a way. Showing thunder changing to a sunny sky was easy to do, 
but it's the close up of "how it would work part" that I don't have yet........

Your support is greatly appreciated. 


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