X-Message-Number: 27191
Date: Mon, 10 Oct 2005 00:29:47 -0600
Subject: David Pascal/Cryonics Society Revisited

Over 6 months ago, David Pascal posted the following fund appeal for 
"Cryonics Society":


Since then, Cryonet has heard nothing from him.  The Cryonics Society web 
page is still functional, soliciting donations.

I have through other venues heard that many sent donations, but that few, 
if any, have received feedback on how their donations were used.  The 
donations were supposed to be for direct advertising for cryonics.  Few, if 
any, have received feedback on the results of any such advertising efforts.

Perhaps Mr. Pascal would be so kind as to provide a report?  If not, I 
guess we will have to put this particular fundraiser in the Despres Hall of 

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