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Date: Mon, 16 Oct 2006 22:18:51 -0600
From: Patrice Levin <>
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Re: Alcor conference

This was my first Alcor conference, and my first visit to the Alcor facility.  
In my opinion, Alcor put a great deal of time and effort into what turned out to
be, a first class event. I was impressed with everything; from the very real 
science behind cryonics today, to the new operating theatre, the larger dewers, 
the portable med kits, the transport vehicle. Most of all, I was impressed with 
the very committed, and skilled staff members of Alcor.


For the most part, speakers held a captive audience, and there was enough 
camaraderie in those rooms to make this newcomer feel very much at home.  If you
ever thought freezing your remains was just a tad wacko, there were enough 
doctorates and post doctorates floating around to convince you otherwise! This 
was by far the most well educated "lay seminar" I've attended.   


The closing banquet included a presentation by Alcor for long standing members. 
Pins were awarded to members with 20 years "service", 10 years, and so on.  
There was something rather special about meeting those who carried the torch for
cryonics long before the pictures of Greg's rabbit kidneys, or state of the art
vitfrication techniques.  This included Steve Bridge, Saul Kent, Brian Wowk, 
Mike Perry......the list goes on.  And if these giants weren't reason enough to 
make the trek to Arizona worthwhile, certainly mingling with two hundred plus 
cryonicists, was!

In addition to the cryonics dream team, I enjoyed hearing from my favourite 
Canadian cryonicist, Ben Best. Ben Best is to Canada what Robert Ettinger is to 
America. While we are a small, often disconnected group of people, conferences 
such as these encourage members to reach out to one another -- exactly what we 
need to do!  


I left the conference ever more confidant that cryonics will work, proud to be 
an Alcor member, and definitely signed up for 2007! Money well spent!




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