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Subject: Re: re: being too far out of the box
Date: Sat, 17 Feb 2007 12:37:28 -0000

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Subject: re: being too far out of the box

> Believe it or not, parts of the jehovahs witnesses
> dogma are somewhat akin to parts of what a
> pro-cryonics gospel would entail. I speak as someone
> who spent many hours selling Jehovahs Witness
> magazines door to door in my childhood.

The Jehovahs Witness web site mentions cryonics (the same article at 
different urls):




The recent UK television programme featuring Dr Aubrey de Grey mentioned 
that one of his publicists is a Jehovah's Witness and that he sees no 
conflict between Dr de Grey's work and the JW religion.

"The Bible" suggests that people have to do things for themselves and cannot 
expect God to do things for them. As far as I know, it does not say that 
life extension is the only activity where they have to trust God to do it 
for them. Nowhere does it say that there is a life limit beyond which it 
sinful to exceed. Indeed, it goes the other way to suggest that terminating 
your own life is one of the worst possible sins, even if you do it by wilful 
neglect (eg starvation) as opposed to, say, hanging yourself. This actually 
doesn't tie in well with the JW article mentioned above, but suggests that 
the article is flawed in logic.

The section "Where should we put our hope" is correct inasmuch as it says 
that etnernal life is beyond science, but possibly for the wrong reason. I 
would put it more simply: You have to live forever to know that you are 
immortal. Forever never comes.

The subsequent section then goes on to suggest ideas about sin being the 
case of death and all the faithful need to do is to be good and they will 
live indefinitely. The article is very positive about the idea of living 
indefinitley. There is none of this rubbish about people getting bored and 
wanting to die. Cut out the faith bits, and the rest could all go in a 
cryonics brochure. The aims are the same, the methods are different.

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