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From: Andrea van de Loo <>
Subject: Remembering Hara Ra


Remembering my Beloved Gregory.

Most of us knew him as Hara Ra. He was born as 
Gregory Yob on June 18th, 1945. He left his body 
and was cryonically suspended on October 13th, 2005.

After five days in diabetic coma at the ICU in 
Santa Cruz, California, with the help of his good 
friend Ken Weiss, I managed to have him airlifted 
to a hospice near Alcor in Scottsdale, Arizona, 
where he died that evening. Alcor was present and 
started preparations immediately. His dear body 
was swiftly moved into the ice bath and wheeled 
to the truck within minutes. It seems to have 
been the best suspension performed to that date. 
New advanced chemistry was used and no cracking 
was observed during cool down except for some small ones toward the very end.

The promise, even if infinitesimally small, of 
cryonics to transport him into a future where he 
might be repaired from the emotional and 
psychological damage done to him during his 
childhood, is what gave him hope and vision for a 
future in which he might experience life and love to the full human potential.

His was such a potent spirit with a far seeing 
eye. He truly was a Future Man, a fine artist and 
a visionary. Under the grumpy exterior, which 
sooner or later almost everyone who knew him 
would bump into, lived a brilliant mind, a 
compassionate heart and a delightful childlike playfulness.

In his early twenties, he experienced a 
spontaneous  Satori, a sudden state of awakening, 
of being an integral part of the natural 
coherence of everything, which lasted for three 
days solid. It gave him an authentic foundation 
for the pursuit of zen and for non-ordinary states of mind.

Hara Ra's favorite poet was Cold Mountain who 
lived in 7th century China. He deeply identified 
with him. This must have been his favorite verse:

             For the hundred years of human life
             the Buddha preached a twelvefold canon
             but compassion is like a wild deer
             and anger is like the family dog
             you can't drive the dog away
             the deer meanwhile prefers to run
             to tame your monkey mind
             listen to the lion's roar.

He was the creator of the very first computer 
game, Hunt the Wumpus. He designed interactive 
computer art of ever changing mandalas, called 
the Fool, intended to entrance the player into 
altered states of consciousness. He also invented 
the concept and application of Comfort House, a 
place entirely wired to sense the visitor's 
emotional states and physical movements to 
respond in kind, intending to evoke in the 
visitor the spontaneous experience of harmony and 
of feeling connected with the universe around him.

Expecting future scientific leaps, he wrote The 
Anatomy of the Electric Creation, in which he 
imagined a seamless interface between human and 
machine with the possibility of creating and 
experiencing infinite realities and expanding 
consciousness to actualize a global mind.

Out of the sheer necessity of his own suffering 
and with great determination, he pursued to 
understand and heal his condition. No psychiatric 
evaluations really fit him, until he came across 
LSD Psychotherapy by Stanislav Groff, MD. He 
subsequently worked with some of the finest 
psychiatrists in the land, exploring therapies 
with MDMA, LSD and Ketamine. He knew at the time 
that anaclytic work would be his best hope to 
heal the injured bonding he suffered in infancy 
at the hand of his unfortunate mother. It was in 
his search for an anaclytic healer/therapist that he found me.

LSD became his ally. It was during an acid 
session that he received his shamanic initiation, 
lasered into him, across space and time, from a 
place deep in the Amazon. That's when he took his 
shamanic name, Hara Ra. The Hara is the Japanese 
term for the second chakra, the creative center 
below the navel and Ra is the Egyptian Sun god. 
He would translate his name as  the Belly of the 
Sun'. With a gleeful twinkle in his eye, he would 
call himself  a  Neo-Neuro-Cyber-Shaman'!

Gregory definitely was an avowed scientific 
materialist. More than anything he wanted the 
truth, real, unmitigated, down to earth, about 
everything. At the same time, he had to accept 
the fact that he and others possessed unexplained 
psychic powers and abilities. He had a unique 
capacity to tune into a person's hidden processes 
and get to the core of things within minutes, 
often facilitating surprising breakthroughs. 
Having explored altered states of consciousness 
and experienced his own occult shamanic 
initiation as a psychic reality within himself, 
he knew there were realities for us to 
experience, which would not fit the scientific 
model. He surmised that our psychic abilities to 
intuit and to experience the numinous and the 
unseen were the results of an evolutionary 
process in the software of our brains.

Cryonics was a center-piece of hope and vision in 
his life. He was deeply engaged with the future 
possibilities for mankind and was determined to 
do whatever it took, to be able to participate in 
it. One of the highlights in our relationship was 
when, on July 12th, 2002, the Santa Cruz Sentinel 
published a very positive front page article with 
a picture of us walking hand in hand into the 
future, entitled Together Forever, Local couple 
hopes to be frozen through cryonics and see the future.

It was our dream to be reunited in the future, 
when both of us could be psychologically and 
physically restored and even enhanced for the 
fulfillment and enjoyment of our love for each 
other. His aspirations, however, went far beyond 
that. In his spirit, he saw himself as a guardian 
of the earth. He was extremely motivated to 
contribute in the future to humanity achieving 
world peace. For his personal satisfaction, he 
imagined having multiple manifestations of 
himself with at least one of him going off 
exploring the stars. He would joke about all of 
his many selves meeting at the Hard Rock Caf  at the end of time.

In the last few years of his life, he dedicated 
himself to establish a clinic in a country with 
more liberal and humane attitudes than the United 
States, for the realization of Vistasis, 
a  facility which would offer legal arrangements 
for cryonic suspension by appointment, to avoid 
the injury of ischemia to the brain inherent in 
the natural dying process. It was in that context 
that he adopted his new name Gregory H. Coresun. 
H. for Herald, Bringer of Good Tidings; Coresun, 
the  core of the sun' as an adaptation to his shamanic name Hara Ra.

See you in the Future, Love of my Life. Andrea

I am interested to hear from anyone who knew him: <>

Truth ~ Transparency ~ Trust

      Andrea van de Loo
   Santa Cruz, California

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