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Date: Mon, 3 Mar 2008 23:58:36 -0700
From: "Finance Department" <>
Subject: Alcor board knew it would go away if they just gave it time

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First they acted like they were interested in the subject, then they
presented lame objections, and now they are not talking at all, about their

They knew the clamor would die down if they gently let it rest.

The advocates for freedom and democracy in cryonics have seemingly run out
of steam in their crusade to make Alcor a credible choice with which to
entrust their future lives, at the time when they can have no say.  Yes,
they want the say now, for bettering the time when they cannot say anything.

But it can't be over.  There were too many good ideas presented, and they
are still there.  Mugsim presented some great ideas about tiered levels of
involvement.  Pizer suggested a similar approach with the excellent idea of
the advisors being elected, having to do straw recorded votes that become an
established track record, and then become the pool from which the board
members are chosen?  NO, ELECTED.

But will the firmly entrenched establishment readily give up their positions
of power?  LOL as the AOLers love to say.  Hell has not yet reached them in
order for it to freeze over, and that to happen.

I wonder in what way(s) hell could be made to reach them, since they think
they are unreachable?   Any ideas?


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