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From: Tripper McCarthy <>
Subject: Another Accountability Suggestion
Date: Wed, 5 Mar 2008 21:29:00 +0000


I had another idea on how to bring some more accountability
to Alcor and to get the member base more involved in the activities and
direction of the organization. I have heard that internally Alcor has devised a
three year plan focusing on what they want to achieve over that time period.
This is a great idea, especially if it was developed with an eye towards what
resources Alcor has available, and can those resources be utilized in such a
way as to make this plan a reality. My idea is to take this fairly simple
concept one step further.

What if every two years Alcor begins working on creating a
new two year plan for this organization? During this time of formulation, Alcor
would post publically what it is thinking of directing its attention to and
also ask the members to submit ideas about what they think should be done. From
this pool of ideas Alcor would settle on a particular set and formalize them in
its next two year plan. Not every idea presented by either Alcor or the members
would be included.  There are only so
many resources to go around. But through an open and engaging dialogue a set of
goals could be agreed upon which would provide the most bang for the buck and
would strengthen the organization's position the most in the coming years.

Once this plan is finalized and put into account, every six
months there would be a report from Alcor stating where they are on the items
that were included in the plan. This would be a great opportunity for Alcor to
showcase the progress they have been making, and also to explain to the members
any difficulties that arose which may have slowed down progress on some items.
At the end of the two years, a full report would be issued by Alcor detailing
what they have and have not achieved from the two year plan. Immediately
following this, the whole process would start up all over again with the
creation of the next two year plan.

 If implemented correctly, this idea would have
several positive impacts on Alcor and the membership as a whole. First the
members would feel like they were included to some extent in what Alcor is
working on and the direction the organization is heading in. Second, Alcor
would have a clear plan to follow helping them better manage their resources.
Third, the plan would also provided some more accountability to Alcor as they
are now publicly put in a position of having to explain why they weren't able
to meet the goals they set out for themselves. And finally there would be more
transparency at Alcor as it would be publically known what they were working
on, and what progress they were making (through the six month status reports).
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