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Date: Sat, 22 Mar 2008 06:13:53 -0700 (PDT)
From: Phil Ossifur <>
Subject: LAROUCHE-- Context for cryonics-friendly future


We're up againt Classical America vs.
Corporatist-Fascist America-- and that's the choice
the world faces.. and that's the choice you face as a
cryonicist. Stodolksy seems more socially aware than
others in cryonics-- I'd like him to consider the
Larouche perspective and comment here in Cryonet. 

My position as an Alcor member is that there IS no
future without a Classical persepctive defined by
Larouche. Consider this-- You get yourself
successfully cryopreserved-- and transported to the
future in a depopulated world-- run by the British
Empire. Cryonicist ignorance of the battle between
Classical vs. Corporatist-Fascist future is completely
unethical and immoral. Steve Bridge talked about Wrong
Path awhile ago-- it's worse than that-- cryonics has
placed their bet on the wrong side of HISTORY. So go
ahead-- ignore me. Villfy me-- but the big picture
cannot be ignored or villified. 

I have a new insult for cryonicists-- other than me of
course-- "Useless". You were all supposed to be
"futurists" who were "futurenauts" actually travelling
into the future-- but you turned out to be...
"useless". You're not futurenauts. All of you are
pretending to be interested in the future... but in
fact, you're not. Every one of you ought to be
ashamed. You're not inspirational. You're not
generating big ideas for the future. You're all acting
like scared psychotic selfish and mean little pricks. 

Ettinger's and Cold Filter posters' adoration of
Arthur C. Clarke-- this past week, has been
disgusting. Clarke was useless. A useless prick--
WORSE than useless actually. To bemoan his particular
lack of preservation displays ignorance of his
Globalist and genocidal novel Childhood's End beyond
all belief. 

Every one of you-- needs to re-learn history-- and
there's no time to do that now. The takedown of the
USA is underway. Your silence-- everywhere on the
net-- demonstrates you're inability even to use the
tools of the future-- to communicate. I consider each
of you-- even those I know personally-- to be
sheltered and ignorant fools. 

If there is even a one-in-million chance that ONE of
you can re-orient your world view to accomodate the
idea of protecting homeowners against foreclosures and
protecting banks via Larouche's HBPA-- as a first step
to prevent the crash of American society-- let me know
here in public on Cryonet. That's the point of
referecne I'll use here. If not-- I don't have to tell
you all to go to hell because you'll all be on your
way shortly along with the rest of the world-- anyway.


      Be a better friend, newshound, and 

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