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Date: Fri, 12 Feb 2010 11:14:34 -0500
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Dear Cryonics Advocate/Skeptic/Medical Professional:

Cryonics technology is more advanced than even most signed up cryonicists

But most people in the scientific community do not realize what progress has
been made.  Indeed, most cryonicists do not realize the protocols and
technologies that have been developed in the service of making cryonics a
true "evidence based technology."  As well as the details of the many
challenges involved in making cryonics a legitimate "evidence based

Announcing: *The Cryonics Technology Progress Conference*:  Here is what the
conference is about--

**Details of cryonics process from start to finish*--Confirmed presenters
include *Aaron* *Drake*, Alcor Transport Director,* Ben Best*, Cryonics
Institute President, and *Catherine* *Baldwin*, General Manager of Suspended
Animation, Inc.

**Suspended Animation, Inc*. protocols and technology, now available for
members of both CI and Alcor.

*A Refresher course for medical professionals and first responders,
including the existing Brevard County Medical Team who will be attending.

*Details of Alcor and CI protocols, procedures, and logistics

*The meeting WILL develop agreements, logistics, administrative protocols,
relationships, and COMMUNITY that may save your life

 *No amount of emails and blogging develops the TRUST and RELATIONSHIPS that
can emerge sharing a beer in a hot tub.  This meeting will enable you to
meet the people and protocols taking cryonics into the 21st Century.  The
meeting will include watching, and to an extent participating, in the
technical training for "First Responders" in cryonics situations.

Who is invited:  Cryonicists and potential cryonicists of all
types, especially skeptics who have been on the sidelines waiting for the
technology to mature, and medical specialists.

Where:  Terasem Central in Melbourne, Central East coast of Florida

When:  April 9, 10, 11, 2010-- Schedule to be available late February.

Cost:  Anticipated to be zero or low.  Dinners available for purchase at
hotel with group.  This is designed to be a high content, high tech, and
high touch meeting.  Group rates at local Doubletree Guest Suites, Melbourne
Beach Oceanfront, 321-723-4222 available for $109 a night, and shared rooms
are encouraged and available.  Ask for group rate by conference name.
IMPORTANT:  Only about 20 spaces remain available.  Please reserve your spot
early as attendance is SEVERELY limited.

Contact:  Lori Rhodes at Terasem 321-676-3690  or Rudi Hoffman at Hoffman
Planning 386-788-3773--Prefer email contact at


Rudi Richard Hoffman CFP CLU ChFC

World's Leading Cryonics Insuror rudihoffman.com
Former Board Member Financial Planning Association fpafla.com
Board Member Salvation Army salvationarmy.org
Member Alcor Life Extension Foundation alcor.org,
Member Cryonics Institute cryonics.org
Certified Financial Planner(TM) CFP Board of Standards
Member World Transhumanist Association http://transhumanism.org/


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