X-Message-Number: 33071
Date: Tue, 23 Nov 2010 20:50:37 -0700
Subject: the myth of growth
From: Charles in Arizona <>

David Stodolsky, wrote: "If we could get back to the growth rates we
were seeing up to 2004, it would mean that prices could be cut

This is nonsense. Robert Freitas has performed a huge service (for
free, I believe) by digging up the real numbers, which show that each
additional Alcor member has imposed a net cost on the organization. In
other words, growth has been a financial burden. I have been arguing
that this is likely for years. There are no economies of scale during
this "middle period" of cryonics, where the organization is not large
enough to set up regional centers.

The Freitas document is here:

Don't expect an easy read; it is written in a formal style. Do expect
to reach some very disturbing and, I think, incontrovertible

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