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Subject: Re: "John Gray on humanity's quest for immortality"
Date: Sun, 9 Jan 2011 23:42:03 -0800

I really detest people like this John Gray that never really learn enough 
about what they pontificate about and recommend as proper for everyone to 
do, such as in this case relinquish life extension technology because he 
thinks it's not good for us but maybe ok for future generations. See my 
comment on the article below mark's post.

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> Subject: "John Gray on humanity's quest for immortality"
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My comment on this article and towards some of those commenting:

9 January 2011 10:21PM
John Gray and everyone else asking inane questions like, "Why'd you want to 
live forever?" or saying, "a really long life would get boring", well you 
all get my nomination for the Extreme Darwin Award. This means whether 
you've reproduced or not you are ignorant enough to pass up the chance to 
see your great^nth grand kids and aid their starts in life in a wonderful 
new world to come.

Why wonderful? Because of the obvious trend always for the better. We live a 
whole lot better now than at any time previously in history despite 24/7/365 
it bleeds it leads news coverage highlighting the worst around the entire 
planet. Statistically we live in the most peaceful per capita time ever. 
Crime rates have never been this low. Doubters to this need to realize 100 
years ago you'd likely never hear of a tsunami half way around the world 
from you and its high death toll or the latest earthquakes that happen all 
the time and have always done so. So you are brain washing yourselves into 
doom and gloom think. Get the real facts!

Now let's be clear "Forever" is just shorthand for indeterminate life span 
where you choose how long to live or maybe a catastrophe personal or public 
does. We in the life extension movement have answered all the niggling 
little unimaginative or ignorant questions about overpopulation and getting 
out of the way for the next generations and ooh what about the environment?, 
quite satisfactorily for anyone paying close attention. I won't go into all 
of them here but the naysayers should get off their couches and posteriors 
and learn what Accelerating Returns, which by the way extends far beyond 
computer chips, really means for yourself instead of buying this mouth 
piece's load of male bovine excrement.

Here's a little something for everyone's edification. When the governments, 
this one being the US, get the point enough to go public with their 
findings, then it's not hubris and wishful thinking anymore. Check this 
link: http://bit.ly/g4UhJ7

Furthermore, suffice to say if you think a really long youthful and 
energetic life span will get boring then you haven't the intellect to even 
appreciate the concept. Therefore please don't take advantage of coming 
therapies to extend your life and rejuvenate your health and youth because 
frankly we don't need you dragging us down.

So Gray, you are officially not invited to the grandest thing to ever happen 
to humanity ever.

James Swayze 

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