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Date: Tue, 11 Jan 2011 15:33:45 -0500
Subject: Re: Darwin's "Urgent" message on CryoNet

I want voice my support for Cold Filter moderator
Jonathan Hinek: http://www.network54.com/Forum/291677/
I think that Mike Darwin was unfair and wrong
to identify Cold Filter as the source of the recent spate
of anti-cryonics venom. The cryonics thread of the
"Cult Education Forum" was started by Larry Johnson,
and is mostly maintained by the anti-cryonicists
"The AntiCult" and "Richiekgb" (Richie Arnold).

Richie Arnold, who is a cook in a North London pub
called "The Assembly House"



deserves the greatest "credit" for the
current spate of anti-cryonics invective. He is an
individual who has contempt for intellectual, scientific,
or "academic" exchange, preferring to operate on the
"emotional level" (as he describes it) which in
practice means finding and fabricating material for
character assassination and personal attack. Richie
hated cryonics from the get-go, which for Richie,
meant the desire to express his hatred on a personal
level:  http://bit.ly/ha7Qn5 . Richie was in no way
influenced to begin his hate campaign by Cold Filter.
It would have happened if Cold Filter had never existed.
Mike Darwin's claim that the attackers are justifying
their attacks by a desire to improve cryonics may
apply to Larry Johnson and Melody Maxim, but it most
certainly does not apply to Richie Arnold. Richie
makes no bones about his desire to harm cryonics
as much as he can, and in whatever way that he can.

Once again, I appreciate the efforts of Jonathan Hinek
in creating and maintaining Cold Filter. I hold
him blameless and give him credit for creating that forum
for open dialog. I am glad to see that Cold Filter is
currently no longer a place filled with "flaming" and
personal invective -- and I don't blame him for the fact
that this happened so much in the past. Open communication
means freedom to do harm as well as freedom to do good.

-- Ben Best

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