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From: "Melody Maxim" <>
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Subject: Response to Mike Darwin's Manifesto
Date: Sat, 15 Jan 2011 21:02:33 -0500

I do not believe anyone who truly knows me would think I fit the definition
of a "sociopath," a "cretin," a "lunatic," a "Nazi," or any of the other
derogatory names, Mike Darwin has been throwing around. The information
presented as factual, (as opposed to items clearly designated as opinion, or
hearsay), on my blog, is accurate, to the best of my knowledge. The fact
that I may agree, on a few points, with the more vitriolic critics of
cryonics activities, does not indicate I agree with them on everything, or
with the way they express themselves.

As far as I know, I am the only person who writes on cryonics forums, who
has actually participated in procedures in which people were cooled to
clinical death, and then revived. How many cryonicists really believe I am
just a mean-spirited, spiteful woman, on some sort of warped personal
vendetta? Isn't it much more likely that I am a professional, with relevant
experience, who is appalled at what I see as a mockery of medical procedures
that have played an important role in my life? I have a cumulative decade of
surgical experience, in conventional medicine, and there is not one
co-worker, past or present, (outside of cryonics), who would describe me as
anything less than professional, ethical and easy to get along with. It's
truly bizarre, to have someone like Mike Darwin refer to me as a sociopath!

To cryonicists, who would like to see something more than promises of the
future, from people who cannot deliver today's technology, I wish you all
well. I hope you will achieve your dream, in spite of Mr. Darwin, and others
like him. Who knows? Maybe it will be an "annus mirabilis," for the cryonics

(With the exception of one sentence, this post is an excerpt from a much
longer post, on my blog, which can be found here:



Melody Maxim 

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