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Date: Fri, 28 Jan 2011 08:11:45 -0800 (PST)
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Subject: Re: again, religiosity and target groups

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> Subject: again, religiosity and target groups

> First,  one cannot rely on self reports of attitudes or  motivations. It is 
> very clear that the primary obstacle to acceptance of  cryonics is just 

> cultural inertia or cultural legacy, with  no quick and  effective  antidotes
> on the horizon. 

I don't think any one thing can overcome this problem quickly and effectively. 
But a combination of things may.

> Second, religion and religiosity are  complicated, and similar  threads 

> appear in "religions" and in  attitudes and organizations of many kinds.  For
> example, mutual help  and networking are prominent in fraternal 
> organizations, political  parties, and many other associations. 

Agreed. Clubs, hangouts, lodges, bars, political parties, actual parties,

sporting events, etc. are as much an expression of the human instinct for tribal
bonding as churches. Generally speaking, people desire to go places and have
fun together. Churches (at least the successful ones) recognize this need in
the form of music and public speaking.

> Third, yet again, both relative  and absolute numbers of  favorably inclined 
> people are so small that it  does not seem economically  possible to 
> "target" any particular group  such as computer people or  Libertarians. The 
> only approaches that have  worked are (a) putting the focus on  your own
> family and friends, and  (b) using the shotgun and extremely cheap media 
> outlets, primarily our  web site. 

I disagree, new technologies make targeted advertising cheaper and more 
effective than ever. Take Google Adwords, for example.

> Finally, once more, don't let the possibility of  something  better distract 
> from something limited but still good, which  we already have. We  need 
> Indians, not chiefs. Do what you KNOW works,  even if it only works a 
> little. Slowly walkee catchee monkey. 

Trying something new does not necessarily mean giving up on what you are
already doing. For example, nobody is suggesting deleting the CI website. If
anything, it should be upgraded and promoted.

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