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Date: Fri, 28 Jan 2011 23:04:05 -0800 (PST)
From: un person <>
Subject: slowly walkee...like a glacier

"Subject: again, religiosity and target groups
"First, one cannot rely on self reports of attitudes
 or  motivations. "

Yes! This fact should be the cornerstone of all cryonics activism. The vast 
majority of human behavior is guided by some sort of psychobiological 'dark 

Not yet understood by science. We can put labels on these ideas, but we really 
have little understanding of the nuts and bolts aspects of it.

So these naive ideas of 'rational discussions' to get more members is a joke.

ettinger wrote:
"It is very clear that the primary obstacle to acceptance of 
 cryonics is just cultural inertia or cultural legacy, with  no quick
and  effective antidotes on  the horizon. "

JUST culture? Culture is HUGE. It dominates human society. Human behavior is 
dominated by culture. What we are trying to do here is similar to what 
scientists have done by inserting electrodes into the brains of living 
cockroaches and controlling them by sending electrical impulses into their 
brains. This of course is impossible for us to do with humans. But that is 
pretty much what it would take to be able to get most humans to sign up for 
cryonics. Culture precludes them from signing up, at least cryonics is presently

If we really want to grow cryonics, we have to work within the system, within 
the culture, and that means using religion.

ettinger wrote:  
"Third, yet again, both relative and absolute numbers
of  favorably inclined people are so small that it does not seem

 economically  possible to  "target" any particular group such as computer 
 people or  Libertarians. "

Right. So why swim in the kiddie wading pool? Swim with the big kids.

ettinger wrote:
"The only approaches that have worked are (a) putting the focus

 on  your own family and f riends, and (b) using the shotgun and extremely cheap
 media  outlets, 
primarily our web site."

Hasn't worked very well. The only objectively viable path to immortality, the 
most audacious idea in history, and after 40 years, we have maybe 1000 signed up
members? And let's be honest--how many members eventually drop out? How much 
churn is there? Substantial, I would guess. 

Not much of a showing for over 40 years.....

ettinger wrote:  
"Finally, once more, don't let the possibility of
 something  better distract 
 from something limited but still good, which we already
 have. "

I cannot disagree with that.

ettinger wrote:
" Slowly walkee catchee monkey. "

Very very very slowly, apparently....

Luke Parrish wrote:
"Clubs, hangouts, lodges, bars, political parties, actual parties,

sporting events, etc. are as much an expression of the human instinct for tribal
bonding as churches. Generally speaking, people desire to go places and have 
fun together. "

OK, Luke, here is your first assignment as a cryonics activist: go dress up like
a woman. Go whole hog! A wig, makeup, a sexy dress. But don't be too 
convincing, though. Leave some five oclock shadow. Then get yerself down to the 
roughest looking gay leather bar in town. Fraternize! Have fun with the other 
patrons. Get back to us with your adventures!

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