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Subject: cryonics
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Subject: CryoNet to Enter Stasis March 17, 2011

From: "Kevin Q. Brown" <>


>After the March 17, 2011 digest mailing, no more new messages

>will be posted, although the archives still will be accessible

>as a historical record.


>Kevin Q. Brown


>(Please include "cryonics" or "CryoNet" in the subject line.)


Thank you, Kevin, for the 22 years of history of thinking, by

(as you put it) "zombies" as well as others.  We are especially 

indebted to CryoNet for One particular posting and response,

which literally 'changed our lives'.  It took place on the

16th of June, 2009, and is copied in its entirety, below.


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From: "Peter Voss" <>

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Subject: Virtual Immortality

Date: Tue, 16 Jun 2009 11:49:58 -0700


>From: Charles Platt <> : I'm starting to see

>companies that serve (or exploit, as you wish) those of us

>who spend a lot of time in webspace and are aware that

>after death occurs in the physical world, our virtual

>identities may linger in various uncontrolled or unexpected

>ways, or may disappear faster than we would like. Issues

>range from the persistence of a "dead" profile on Facebook

>to the inability of relatives to shut down accounts because

>they lack the necessary passwords. Here's a fair summary of

>some options:



>eternal-space-legacy-locker/  .....


Anyone interested in that may want to look at:

http://www.cyberev.org/ This is run and funded by Martine

Rothblatt who is a great supporter of cryonics. She is

highly committed to making this a permanent and increasingly

comprehensive site. There should be a reasonably simple way to

copy/ backup your other web information to cyberev.org




I was sitting in the passenger area of Sky Harbor Airport at

the time I saw this, browing CryoNet with a pitiful little

HP iPac personal assistant, but it at least allowed me to send

the link to Linda Chamberlain (my 'forever' partner at the firm

she was working), where she immediately had a look at CyBeRev

And the associated links, including the past issues of its

Journals on personal cyberconsciousness and what Terasem terms

"Geoethical Nanotechnology".  By the time I got another break,

a note from Linda indicated that this was the doorway to an

area of activity we would have never suspected existed, except

for the posting by Charles Platt and Peter Voss's reply.


Why would we notice and take what was said by these two people

seriously?  We had great respect for them both, as it turned

out.  Charles Platt's novel "Silicon Man" was one of the first

(and still the best) stories about cyberconsciousness we had

ever seen; we'd had the pleasure of meeting him in New York

years before and spending time with him walking about Central

Park and elsewhere, after which he became very, very active in

cryonics and has since contributed a great deal to its growth

and development, including (at present) his participation in

the development of Mike Darwin's new blog, "Chronosphere".  Our

past connections with Peter Voss went deeper still.  During

our years of working with Alcor, in one never-to-be-forgotten

standby and suspension, we (Fred & Linda), along with Peter and

his partner, Evelyn, flew to Chicago, drove the standby/transport

equipment to the middle of Ohio, negotiated patient access with

a stubbornly resistant Catholic Hospital, carried out transport

and washout, flew back to Phoenix, and helped with the rest of

the operation (cryoprotection and start of cooldown).  That was

memorable if for no other reason essentially going without

sleep for around eighty hours.  One of those few opportunities

to do something we will always remember (if cryonics and other

pursuits of life extension permit), virtually 'forever'.


In any case, this 'on the fly' introduction to Terasem led to

our being able to participate in one of the workshop/colloquia

that Terasem held in Second Life in December, 1969, by way

of a talk titled  "Empowerment of Cybertwins as  Trustees, Surrogates

for Reanimation Decision Making, and Guardians of Cryonauts,

Prior to Personality Interface Implementation by Mutual Consent"

(online access at http://www.lifepact.com/cybertwins.htm with

links to a video at http://vimeo.com/10001382 where the Power

Point slides are blended with the audio of the talk.  Two days

after the presentation in Second Life on Terasem Island, we

flew to Melbourne, Florida and on December 12, 2009 purchased

the mobile home where we now live, met Martine Rothblatt for

the first time 'in person' at noon, at the Terasem Ashram in

Melbourne Beach, and the following June (2010) moved into that

mobile home, where we are now deeply involved with Terasem and

what it is becoming.  Based on that, we think it's a fair thing

to say that one posting on CryoNet literally 'changed our lives'

in ways that could scarcely have happened as they did, without

that interchange (between Charles Platt and Peter Voss).


So, it's with all of that in mind that, Keven, we thank you for

what just one posting on Cryonet did for the two of us, and

for all of the other historical interchanges that will now lie

there in wait for any who wish to explore them, perhaps to meet

those who without that they would never have known, and even

perhaps to find that doing so 'changed their lives' in ways that

cannot even begin to be imagined, at this time.


Boundless Life,


Fred & Linda Chamberlain




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