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Date: Tue, 15 Mar 2011 21:44:16 -0700
From: Gary Kline <>
Subject: Cryonet:: new subdomain....

A few weeks ago I finally got http://cryonic.thought.org set up with
more than the "test banner" that has been there for years.
Sometime in early April I will public the latest essay my views on
suicide+cryonics.  Suicide is legal if one is within six months of
death here in WA state.  Also in OR.  I believe also in Holland and

I will also move my couple/few essays from
http://transfinite.thought.org to my cryonics subdomain.  What 
I hope to have up on my new pages in my view of cryonics as a
bioethicist.    Those who know HTML and wish to have things
published should get in contact with me.  I'll make adjustments
to the site as necessary.

Whoever on this list is interested in continuing the kinds of
discussions as have been done on this site should google around for 
"Oregon Cryonics" ...

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