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Date: Wed, 16 Mar 2011 01:04:14 -0500
Subject: Who Is To Blame
From: Finance Department <>


To Mike Darwin, thank you for the interesting post, but don't tell me what
to do.

Now we have Kevin Q. Brown and Jonathan Hinek to blame for the demise of
free speech regarding cryonics on the internet, with Darwin admitting a
background influence.  Who else would like to share the blame?  Kent?
More/O'Connor?  C'mon, speak up quick - CN is about to die, on Saint Patty's
day March 17 - not much time left and unsure which will be the last day's
message blast.

One last word for all:  BOYCOTT any moderated forums.  Regardless of any
excuses presented, the editing or deleting of other people's posts is
dictatorial censorship no matter what the reason, and ALWAYS represents the
simple difference of opinion between the moderator and the one moderated.
It is a power trip, no more.

I wish I could recommend an un-moderated alternative to CN and CF, but I
don't know of any.  Maybe someone will be kind enough to start one, and
announce it while there is still an existing audience to announce it to.
Otherwise, the dictators will have won their war, and free and open
discussion about all things cryonics will be a thing of the past and no
longer of benefit to its progress.



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