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From: marta sandberg <>
Subject: Thank you and Goodbye
Date: Wed, 16 Mar 2011 14:27:21 +0800


Thank you for the CryoNet.  

I didn't quite understand why it has to be shut down, but I have to assume there
is a very good reason for it.

The CryoNet has been important to me.  Until recently, I have been the only 
cryonicists for thousands of miles and the CryoNet was my sustenance and 

It helped me keep my courage up as my husband died and was frozen.  It has kept 
me in touch with people and helped me forge new friendships. It has kept me up 
to date and forced me to think about some exotic subjects.
It will be sorely missed.

Thank you, Kevin Q. Brown, for your work and effort in giving us all decades of 
CryoNet.  Although there have been some less attractive people who have used the
CryoNet on occasions, most of us are dedicated cryonicists and it is in their 
name that I want to say THAN YOU for giving all of us the CryoNet.
Long life,
Marta Sandberg

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