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Date: Wed, 16 Mar 2011 19:47:46 EDT
Subject: Who Is To Blame? And the answer is...

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I think the title of FD's post says it all. *Who* is to *blame,*  because 
it does have to be someone, doesn't it? And whoever he, she, or better  yet, 
THEY are, there must be BLAME.  What a ridiculous position - and what a sad 
one. But even more to the  point, what an utterly antiquated one -  if FD is 
to be believed, that is. Because  if he is right, then there is nothing 
special or unique about Cryonet but its  name - and even that is up for grabs. 
We now inhabit the era of ultra-cheap,  ultra-accessible mass communication 
and information dissemination.  Cryonet was, in theory, an unmoderated  list 
serve.  It was also technically  very antiquated, so much so that having 
gone from being very easy to use, it  became difficult, due to text formatting 
problems, short message length, and the  inability to easily post URLs or 
embed images.  
The costs of operating a list serve that offers more features and  far more 
user friendliness is almost nil. So why is FD so upset at Cryonet's  

passing?  A veritable universe of  virtual Cryonets are out there in cyberspace
just waiting to be materialized.  Indeed, even FD can call one up with a few 
keystrokes.  And yet, he is unhappy, and obviously  distressed, if we are to 
judge from his writing here. But why?????  
There's a simple answer to that, and it also happens to be the  truth (a 
bonus these days, anywhere). That answer is that what was so precious  about 
Cryonet to people like FD, Melody Maxim, Unperson, and the growing legion  of 
other talky-talky-conspiracy-theory-toting-lazy-irresponsible and menacing  
people like them, is that they need real cryonicists to feed on. They are,  
literally, "argument eating parasites."  A list serve that is ostensibly 
free and open, completely unmoderated  and that is NOT patronized by  
cryonicists would have confronted FD and his colleagues with one hell of a  

problem, namely just WHO are they are going to argue with? Creeps like these  
do not PRODUCE things except DAMAGE. You will find nothing constructive in  
all their rants and criticisms posted on Cold Filter, Cult Education, and 
even  by these selfsame individuals here on Cryonet . No proposed detailed  
regulations, no investigative visits to cryonics organizations, no analysis  
of finances with suggestions for change, no proposed fixes, technological or 
 administrative; but rather, just criticism that is increasingly vicious 
and  unfocused. 
That kind of activity requires VICTIMS. For every second they spend  

hurling accusations - no matter how removed from reality, or how frankly insane,
those actually doing something in cryonics will spend minutes, or even 
hours,  responding. For those of you who are cryonicists and who are reading 

this, you  will need no convincing. If you've been touched by this bile, or even
just by  the nutty fantasies that FD cooks up, you'll understand 

completely. I've spend  many hours generating pages and pages of patient and 
explanation to FD in  private correspondence - all to no avail. And yet, 
despite the fact that I have  not had a friendly, let alone a working 

relationship with Saul Kent in nearly a  decade, FD still refuses to believe my

refutation of almost all of his Saul Kent  "bashing and blaming." To even hint 
the idea that Saul was involved in  Kevin's personal decision to shutter 
Cryonet, is but one (and unarguably one of  the MOST) ludicrous in a long 
string of conspiracy theories he has put forth.  
Based on what? Has he ever met Saul Kent? Has he ever spent any  time at 
Alcor or talking earnestly and in person with the people involved in  

cryonics? Has he been in correspodence with Kevin Brown to understand his  
situation and the many technical hurdles he has had to deal with  regarding 
re-launching Cryonet? If he has, then he is REALLY crazy - Mommar  Quadaffi 
crazy. And if he hasn't, well then he is just an irresponsible hack.  But in 
either case, he and others like him have no business feasting on our  
blood. They are at least parasites, and at worst serious enemies.   
FD says: "To Mike Darwin, thank you for the interesting post, but  don't 
tell me what to do." 
My answer to that is that I just did tell you what you to do, and  with 
considerable success, I might add. And I will go further, if you cross the  

line into the use of force or fraud, I will seek to MAKE you stop. Note the use
 of the verb MAKE, and that I intend it as case sensitive. As the late 

actress  Joan Crawford famously said to the Board of Directors of Pepsico after
her  husband and Pepsico CEO Alfred Steele died suddenly, "Don't fuck with 
me  boy(s)." 
And she meant it, and so do  I. 
*And  whose fault is that? Whose fault is it that Mike Darwin came out 

stasis?* Why,  that would be *yours FD, *and Melody Maxim's, and the others like
you. And for  that, I am truly thankful.
So please, take that shred of gratitude and go to  hell with it, because it 
is the last you'll get from me, or from any other  cryonicist who has a 
picogram of commonsense. - Mike  Darwin

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