X-Message-Number: 33505
Date: Wed, 16 Mar 2011 20:56:05 -0400
Subject: Cold Filter: For the record...
From: Jonathan Hinek <>

Mike Darwin has suggested that the moderator of Cold Filter is a
non-cryonicist. Just to clarify, I am the moderator of said forum, and
I would describe myself as an advocate of cryonics. I just happen to
be disabled, unable to qualify for life insurance, and don't yet have
my finances in order to sign up officially. I intend to rectify that
situation as soon as possible.

In other views, Finance Department (FD) has accused me of conspiring
to censor cryonics critics, because I deleted one of his posts. This
was only done after we had had a few conversations about his specious
conspiracy theories that he likes to post about big-name cryonicists.
Even then, I told him in e-mail I was willing to discuss it further
and possibly repost it, if he convinced me that it was a mistake to
delete it. He also knows that on my forum moderator decisions are
sometimes open to debate if there is a substantial amount of
disagreement among the members. It's not as if I delete posts from on
high without any discussion.

That said, let me take this opportunity to thank Kevin Brown for his
decades of service running a cryonics community discussion. I've only
done it for a few years and, in that short time, I can already
empathize with his decision to take a break. It can be incredibly
stressful to deal with all of the varied personalities that congregate
around this topic. I wish him well.

Jonathan Hinek
The Cold Filter

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