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Date: Wed, 16 Mar 2011 20:56:24 -0700 (PDT)
From: un person <>
Subject: to future cryonet readers

if you are someone who is interested in cryonics and you are reading this 
archive to find out more about cryonics, then I have something to say to you.

I am a cryonicist, signed up many years now.

I would warn you not to get sucked into the cryonics culture. This culture is 
holding back cryonics. It is insular and self-reinforcing. Cryonicists seem to 
have little idea about how other people perceive cryonics and how other people 
see cryonicists.

As an example, I would ask you whether in your readings you have found 
cryonicists discussing how the masses out there might be fearful of appearing to
be a weirdo for signing up for cryonics? I have never noted this ever being 
discussed. But it is a huge obstacle to getting new members. Yet cryonicists 
seem blind to this aspect of life. And the cryonics culture reinforces this sort
of semi-autistic lack of perception about how the other 99.99 percent of 
americans operate.

So don't get pulled into this insular little culture. Stand apart and think for 
yourself. Don't come to cryonics to be with people like yourself. THink about 
how you can reach out to people who are UNLIKE the vast majority of 
cryonicists--ORDINARY people. These so called ordinary people constitute that 
other 99.99 percent of humanity.

This blindness of cryonicists to the real world of other people is a huge reason
why cryonics has only about 1000 members after more than 40 years. 

So I ask you to go out into the churches of america and find new cryonicists. 
The bible has several passages that speak to and support cryonics, or something 
very much like it. Please search cryonet archives for these passages. There is 
where the growth is--finding justification for cryonics in the Bible. 

You may be an atheist. I understand. But reach beyond your atheism and find a 
common ground with believers. By doing so, and going into the churches to preach
a cryo-gospel, you could be starting a new cryonics movement that will not only
save millions of lives that would have never been saved, but would also bring 
the numerical strength to cryonics and thus help the odds of survival for the 
rest of cryoncists and even yourself.

Read my previous cryonet messages for more detail on these ideas.

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