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Date: Thu, 17 Mar 2011 00:53:35 EDT
Subject: The Russiansare Coming!

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In 2008 I had the privilege of visiting the Russian Federation and meeting  
with Russian cryonicists in Moscow and Veronezh. Moscow was an alien and 
bizarre  experience for me - one which I have likened to being recovered from  
cryopreservation - familiar, and yet utterly transformed - expected, and 
yet  deeply dissonant. One of my central messages to the Russian cryonicists 
was to  go and see other cryonics organizations everywhere in the world, and 
in  particular, to see those in the US. There was nothing America-centric 
in this  recommendation. It was made as emphatically as it was because this 
where  cryonics was born, where it has struggled the longest, and without 
doubt, where  most of the lessons have been learned to date. 
And this isn't model airplane building, or stamp collecting, we're talking 
 about here. Mistakes in cryonics can cost lives and break hearts. What's 
more,  because the world is now "flat" a serious failure of cryonics 6,000 
miles away  might as well be next door. Today, everybody has a stake in the 
action. Indeed,  one of the reasons I like living in the middle of nowhere 
(sometimes) is that  the best neighbors are no neighbors. 
Travel from Russia to the US, or vice versa, is not easy, and in fact under 
 some circumstances it may have become more difficult than it was during 
the  Introurist days, under the former Soviet Union. It has taken some time, 
but the  Russian cryonicists have prevailed, and they will be coming to US 
and will be in  the West Coast area from 22-25 March - just a few days from 
The visitors are: 
Danila Medvedev, President of the Russian Transhumanist Association and a  
principal in the Russian cryonics company, KrioRus. 
Valerija Pride, President of KrioRus 
Dimitry Chikunov, the head of the Rostock Group, which is a biotech company 
 with ~ $175 million US in assets focused on gerontology and chronic pain  
research: http://grostok.ru/en/ 
Sergey  Filonov http://www.linkedin.com/pub/sergey-filonov/12/21/569  who 
is the International Marketing and Sales Manager at Skyeton Aircraft  

Industrial Company in Ukraine http://www.skyeton.com/  Skyeton is the  principal
manufacturer of small aircraft for the Russian consumer market;  basically the 
Russian equivalent of Cessna. 
I will be hosting them during the West Coast part of their journey, and I 
am  doing what I can to facilitate visits to cryobiological and cryonics 

points of  interest in these environs.  I know they would very much like to meet
with  US cryonicists other than myself, and so I thought it a good idea to 
let others  know of their imminent arrival, and see if there was interest in 
a get-together  somewhere in the greater Los Angeles area.  Hopefully, they 
will be going  to Scottsdale to visit the Alcor facility, and I said I 
would make public  inquiries to find out if the local cryonicists there were 
interested in meeting  with them. My home in Ash Fork, AZ, 3 hours north of 
Phoenix is also available,  including fire pit for barbecuing and its 

considerable collection of  cryomebilia. I should also add they will be staying
me in Yucca  Valley, CA, which is not the most convenient spot in Southern 
California, as it  is located 30 minutes east of  Palm Springs (~ 2 hour 
drive from LA). 
If there is interest in a get-together either here in Yucca Valley, or at  
some location closer to the heart of the action in Los Angeles, please let 
me  know, and I'll try to make it happen.  As the schedule fleshes out in the 
 next few days, I should be able to be more definite about specific times 
and  dates. As it is, they just received their visas a few days ago, and the 
trip was  confirmed only on Monday last! 
Finally, I would like to note, and to offer thanks for the truly great  
hospitality the Russian cryonicists have shown me, and a number of other 

British  and American cryonicists, journalists, and photographers. I only hope I
can in  some small way repay their hospitality during their visit here. -- 
Mike  Darwin

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