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Date: Thu, 17 Mar 2011 01:51:52 -0500
Subject: Re: The Russians are Coming!
From: Finance Department <>


Dear Mike,

I was truly amused at your other post flaming me but what do I care.  Your
affliction does continue.

Now that you, according to your claim, have managed to kill CryoNet, exactly
where is someone, according to you, supposed to reply to your latest
Russians post, at?  Is there a forum that you endorse?  If so, where?  Or
were you even thinking about that, since the bell is about to toll for
Kevin's forum?

And, according to you, because of your undue influence?

I note a post above from "un person" which could easily be construed as a
reason to kill all free speech forums, but even his silly and potentially
destructive ideas are entitled to free speech.

I also noted a post from the owner/moderator of Cold Filter, whom I once
trusted and who turned on me, and who confirms himself as one who will shoot
first (delete post) and who cares if he asks questions later.  I did,
presented reasons he was totally wrong, and was ignored, who cares. He
obviously was presented with the same threats as the owner of CryoNet was.

As to you, Mr Darwin who seems by your irrational rants to wish to be the
Cult Leader of Cryonics (and I say this with reluctance, as I know the
anti-cryonicists will have a hey-day with it), you have NOT successfully
"told me what to do" and if you think your killing of CryoNet and making it
impossible therefore for me to post there is that, you are so totally, as
you describe yourself, MAD!  Just look at what you have done to achieve that
- you have also make it impossible for yourself and everyone else to post to

CryoNet, RIP, I guess.




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