X-Message-Number: 3450
From: Brian Wowk <>
Date: Sat, 10 Dec 94 01:31:54 CST
Subject: CRYONICS Signal-to-noise on CryoNet

        I would just like to remind everyone that CryoNet is about
cryonics, not gossip about people interested in cryonics.  The
growth of the Internet is bringing many new interested people
to this list.  These people are not tuning in to hear about Oceania
or Libertarian Party politics.  They are especially not tuning
in to hear yet another round of David Cosenza's interminable
ad hominem debates.  Remember Kevin telling us about all the
unsubscribe requests he got after the last such debate?  Please
bear this in mind as you fight the temptation to reply.
--- Brian Wowk
P.S. I agree with Steve Jackson about Trygve Bauge's recent post.

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